Abalone, Keeper of Iridescence

The essence and reflection of the oceans are housed in the modest elegance of abalone. This gem of the ocean can contain the colorful swirls of Caribean waters or the murky depths of mysterious still sea. Abalone is also known as Ear Shells, Sea Ears, or Ormer and although it’s a common name for marine snails, no two are alike. Each shell is unique in its color and markings, meaning each piece of jewelry you have it one of a kind! Ear Shells are used in several ways, such as for food or to harvest Mother of Pearl, and has been implemented in decorative pieces for thousands of years. Abalone has been found in archeological digs from Native American sites to South Africa and China. It is no secret why the Sea Ears were harvested and used in every culture that could collect them. The shell of the marine snail is quite strong and resilient to blows against it, making it great to use as an inlay or for musical instruments. The shell is so good at doing its job that scientists study its composition to help create body armor for humans. The outside shell of Abalone is nothing too exciting beyond its strength but within lies a unique treasure trove of iridescence. The inside of Abalone is often a striking blue or bright peacock greens and organized in a patter that would give stained glass a run for its money. Cufflinks, as well as other kinds of jewelry, need to be strong and beautiful. Here at the Missing Link, we’ve accrued a variety of Abalone cufflinks from various aesthetic decades. Let’s take a look at some of these vintage beauties: Larter Gold Filled Platinum Inlay Rims with Mother of Pearl Tuxedo Stud Set with Matching Cufflinks & Vest Studs in Original Box 1930’s Complete dress set

Larter Abalone Cufflinks and Shirt Stud Set

Larter never fails at their stellar craftsmanship and we have Abalone to thank in this case. You can see the colors of these cufflinks and shirt studs change in the light, flaunting the cascade of natural beauty found within the Ormer.

Vintage Tuxedo Silver Filled Screw Back Abalone Cufflinks and Matching 4 Shirt Stud Set in Box, Wedding Gifts, Groomsmen's Gifts,

Vintage Tuxedo Abalone Screw Back Cufflinks

This vintage tuxedo set has a screw back for those who’ve never quite mastered an old-fashioned cufflink. You can see the color here is more blue with hints of peacock green and pink, depending on the lighting. That is the incredible think about Sea Ears, they’re dynamic!

Art Deco Krementz gold filled abalone 4 stud set with cuff links in original box circa 1940's

Krementz Abalone Cufflinks and Shit Stud Set

One of the Dukes of Art Deco, Krementz, knew to use Abalone in their cufflinks and stud sets. This set is almost an ethereal cloud of colors. The strange mix of pink and green hues that’ll captivate any lover of 1940s style.

So many things that nature produces is almost divine its beauty. How it is built to last and withstand damage, changing with its environment, and always a dazzling display of opulence. Abalone is a treasure that brings the essences of beauty to any who choose to wear it. Welcome to the Missing Link, unearthed.
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