Shirt Studs: Bejeweling the Newly Uncovered

Art Deco Larter mother of pearl, platinum inlay rim 4 stud set with matching double sided chain link cuff links in original box circa 1920-30's

We all know that fashion trends change, mold, and morph due to cultural mores or whatever dictates the aesthetics of the day. The placement and number of studs have morphed as much as dress shirts and dresses have, further accommodating the drapery they adorn. These precious accessories are for more than special days such as […]

Enamel: the Eternal Cufflink Material

4 Gold Filled and Blue Enamel Tuxedo Shirt Studs

Ever curious about why certain materials make jewelry more expensive? Why do those creators of fashion craft with specific elements that become hallmarks of style? Diamonds, gold, and a handful of other materials are no-brainers, precious commodities that are valued for their rarity and practicality. Other items, such as platinum or enamel, are not so […]

Krementz and Cufflinks: A Lifetime of Antiques

There are few institutions that define excellence throughout their history, surviving global crises, thriving, and changing the landscape in which they create their wares. Krementz is one of those legendary companies that maintained such a standard of ingenuity that they’ve flourished for more than a century. It was founded by German immigrant George Krementz, the […]

Where Cufflinks Sit: Art Deco on the Wrists

14K Gold Amethyst Cufflinks and Studs 1

The style that once meant opulence, luxury, and prestige in the early 20th century still draws the present to its rich designs and sharp beauty. Art Deco still resonates with many, even outside of those who endeavor to remain in an aesthetic time period (such as those interested in swing dancing or steampunk lifestyles). Art […]

CBS Sunday Morning Show – THE MISSING LINK

CBS Sunday Morning Show

Since 1996, The Missing Link has offered an unparalleled selection of vintage and new cuff links for both men and women. You can find it all under one roof. From the more serious deco enamels, precious metals, and formal sets to the fun and whimsical novelty cufflinks. Come check out The Missing Link, conveniently located […]