Cufflinks Can Be as Personal as Your Style

We can all be mesmerized by the glitz, glam, and shiny diamonds, or pearls of cufflinks. They’re often encrusted with dazzling gems or built out of exquisite materials, ensnaring our eyes like a Muse from the heavens. While style itself carries with it elements of prestige or status symbols, you shouldn’t limit your personal style by only indulging in fine jewels. Cufflinks run the gamut of designs that can reflect your interests, hobbies, profession, or what kind of animal lover you are. One can align themselves with the intricate designs of Art Nouveau to Art Deco or Intaglio Jewelry, also known as Reverse Carved. What should be a part of your wardrobe is something that reflects only you, a conversation piece moving beyond mere decoration. Shiny things shouldn’t be the only captivating element of formalwear after all. While we do hunt down vintage designers and collect cufflinks that embody the rich history of jewelry on the cuff, we also house many pieces that can be unique as its owner. Decorative sculptures that stimulate the intellect after catching someone’s eye. For example: Vintage 14K White b& Yellow Gold Cigar Cufflinks with Box. Circa 1960's

Vintage 14K White and Yellow Gold Cigar Cufflinks

These cufflinks made their way to us from the swinging 1960s and are shaped in an indulgence frequented by many men of power. Beyond being in the shape of a cultural status symbol, these cigars are formed from 14K White and Yellow Gold. A perfect luxury pair.

Vintage Architect Draftsman Tools, T Square, Ruler & Drafting Triangle Sterling Cufflinks with Box  

Vintage Architect and Draftsman Cufflinks

Speaking of luxury, are you one of those people we have to thank for luxurious homes or buildings around Manhattan? Your profession is a point of pride and should be worn on your sleeve…specifically on the cuff! These cufflinks are molded into Draftsman Tools, including a T Square, Ruler, and Drafting Triangle. A thoughtful gift for any engineer or architect.

Vintage Pair German Shepherd Dog Cufflinks with Box Circa 1950  

German Shepherd Cufflinks

Man’s best friend and fierce sidekick to Police Officers, these German Shepherd cufflinks are a testament to your love of a truly incredible breed of dog. This pair brings together your pride for your pup and love of all things vintage, they are from the 1950s after all.


Vintage reverse carved hand painted glass sailboat crystal style sterling silver 22mm cufflinks with box

Reverse Carved Sailboat Cufflinks

As I said earlier, not all cufflinks are diamonds or pearls. Here we have the perfect Intaglio piece for the classic sailor, also known as Reverse Carved jewelry. Hand-painted and made from antique crystals, a true piece of art that reveals how you use your weekends.

Your style is ultimately about you and your tastes, how you want to present yourself to the outside world. If you’re attending a tuxedo or black tie event, the opportunity to show your personality is minimal. But you shouldn’t ignore an opportunity to show your individuality no matter how small is it. With pieces as unique as I’ve shown you here, you’ll be able to wear yourself on your sleeve. Welcome to the Missing Link, unearthed.
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