Georg Jensen, Cufflink Artist

Few legends in silversmithing rival Georg Jensen. His cufflinks and wider works surpass pretty items on a suit, moving into the world of wearable art. Jensen’s early work, ambitions in sculpture, and ceramics helped carve a place for his company in jewelry and art history. Jensen held a democratic design philosophy in his work, believing that beauty can be functional without being costly for the consumer. Georg Jensen founded his brand in 1904 after trying his hand at sculpture and ceramics with minimal success. In 1906 the newly formed Jensen Company had its first major accomplishment with being awarded a gold medal at the International Exhibition in Brussels. His combination of a traditional art form and the trending Art Nouveau elevated cufflinks, as well as other types of fashion accessories, to new heights. To this day Jensen’s originally philosophy holds true. The Jensen brand is still inspired by curves and nature but blended with a modern world to create ever original pieces. The company has expanded to include toys, shirt studs, table wear, watches, and tie bars among other great pieces in their collection. The Missing Link has a great respect for artists that have created profound and century-long works of art. Among the many great names we carry, Georg Jensen is certainly among the artists on our shelves. Below you’ll find many examples of these incredible pieces that The Missing Link carries:

Georg Jensen

1940s Georg Jensen Cufflinks and Shirt Studs

This set of shirt studs and cufflinks are a perfect example of the Art Nouveau style of Jensen. The intricacy of the spiral design draws the eye to appreciate your style as well as the art itself.  This cufflink and shirt stud set would be a wonderful addition to any vintage lover.

Georg Jensen

Early Art Nouveau Cufflinks

These cufflinks and shirt studs follow the nature-based style of Art Nouveau in the image of the owl. Handcrafted from sterling silver and originating in Copenhagen, this is an antique befitting any wise aesthete.

Georg Jensen

Vintage Georg Jensen Cufflinks

Cufflinks that border on Art Deco while still retaining the democratic designs that Georg Jensen is known for. These cufflinks are from an era of aesthetic bounty. A wonderful symmetry that would add authenticity to those who dance bygone eras of swing and jazz.

History can be repeated in the most beautiful ways. Never be locked into the present trends when there are so many treasures just waiting to manifest in your closet. The great artists of the past aren’t always sitting behind glass or hanging in a museum; they can be found on wrists, on tuxedos, dangling from a partners ears, or beneath the lid of a jewelry box. Welcome to the missing link, unearthed.
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