Georg Jensen Cufflinks: An Immortal Tradition

Georg Jensen is a legendary name in silversmithing and cufflinks, and a master designer dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship. He is not only remembered for his contributions to Art Nouveau and flatware, but for giving opportunities to many other talented designers within his company, even giving them full credit by displaying their names on the handmade work they created. While there is a Georg Jensen “style” it is often modified by the influence of other artists and while Jensen was alive collaboration was common, as was the case with Johan Rohde. Jensen’s company can be considered its own Art House, an array of creative silversmiths collaborating and exchanging styles that shaped the future of cufflinks. The tradition of giving free reign and full credit to other designers on their cufflinks or other silver items is still in full steam. The Georg Jensen company has been in existence for over 90 years and has employed over 90 designers throughout its tenure, still in the midst of Georg’s groundbreaking tradition.   As a part of our Georg Jensen and Scandinavian Cufflinks Collections, The Missing Link has amassed several noteworthy designers. Here are some examples from the Jensen legacy: Georg Jensen Denmark Sterling Silver Cufflinks with Tuxedo Studs Circa 1940's

Harald Nielsen Jensen Cufflinks

Harald Nielsen designed these modern beauties, a testament to the freedom given to artists within the company. Nielsen began as an apprentice in 1909 and worked his way up to artistic director in 1958. Harald was a close colleague of Jensen’s and was instrumental in maintaining Georg’s legacy after his death in 1935. Although you can see Harald flirting with Modernism in these 1950 cufflinks, the Jensen standard of silversmith remains intact.

Georg Jensen by Oscar Gundelach Pedersen Denmark Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Oscar Gundlach-Pedersen Jensen Cufflinks

Oscar Gundlach-Pedersen was Jensen’s last apprentice and originally an architect, having designed many important buildings around Denmark. Oscar and Jensen had a tumultuous relationship when he began exploring Functionalism while assistant director from 1926-1954. These cufflinks show Oscar’s lean towards simplicity from the Jensen style.

Georg Jensen Denmark .925 Sterling Silver Nautical Scallop Seashell Cufflinks by Arno Malinowski

Arno Malinowski Jensen Cufflinks

Arno Malinowski was well versed in sculpture and silver design by the time he worked with the Georg Jensen Company in 1936 to 1944, returning from 1949 to 1965. Arno’s designs focused more on animal life, a natural take on the Art Nouveau origins of Jensen. You can see in these cufflinks his flair for stylized creatures, whether of the ocean or grasslands.

  Georg Jensen attracted a diverse group of individuals whom we have to thank for the stunning beauty available in vintage cufflinks. He wasn’t just a man who shaped adornments of the suit or dinner table, he inspired a century of artists to aspire to a standard of excellence rarely seen. They may have been fashioned in silver, but these works are worthy of gold medals.   Welcome to the Missing Link, unearthed.
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