Krementz 14K Gold & MOP Tuxedo Shirt Stud Set 10pcs

Delve into the 1930s elegance with this 10-piece Krementz Art Deco tuxedo set. It includes four shirt and four vest studs, plus matching cufflinks, all in lustrous 14K gold and mother of pearl. These pieces, housed in their original box, are well-preserved, showcasing timeless silver and white hues. Notably, this set’s four shirt studs make it a unique find from this era, distinguishing it as a classic and rare collectible.


Discover the elegance of the 1930s with this Krementz Art Deco tuxedo accessory set. Reflecting the distinguished style of the early 20th century, this collection showcases ten exquisite pieces. It comprises four tuxedo shirt studs and four vest studs, each intricately designed with 14K gold and mother of pearl, presenting a sophisticated silver and white color scheme. Complementing these studs is a pair of double-sided cufflinks, seamlessly aligning in design and craftsmanship. Each item is carefully preserved in its original box, maintaining the set’s historical value and allure. Notably, this set stands out with its four shirt studs, a departure from the era’s typical three-stud design, making it a rare and coveted ensemble for collectors and aficionados of classic fashion.


Krementz is a historic jewelry company founded in Newark, New Jersey in the mid-19th century. The company was established by Gustav Krementz, a German immigrant who brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the jewelry industry. He initially started the company as a small workshop, but it quickly grew in popularity and success due to the high quality of his products.

Krementz specialized in producing fine gold and gold-filled jewelry, including wedding bands, engagement rings, and other types of personal and decorative jewelry. They were known for their attention to detail and craftsmanship, using only the finest materials to create their pieces. The company also produced a variety of other items, such as tuxedo studs, cufflinks, and tie pins, all of which were popular among the upper class.

Throughout its history, Krementz has remained a respected and well-known name in the jewelry industry. They have continued to innovate and evolve with the times, always staying true to their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Today, Krementz is still a thriving company, producing beautiful and timeless pieces of jewelry that are treasured by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts all over the world.




Krementz & Co.




Men's, Unisex


Gold, White








Mother of Pearl



Formal, Weddings


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