Larter and Sons: Cufflinks Legacy

Larter and Sons is another remarkable company that helped form Newark, New Jersey as a cufflink capital. As with other famed companies, Larter and Sons patented innovations that pushed men’s cufflinks forward. One of their innovations, the spring-back stud, is their maker’s mark. Their first patent was issued in the late Victorian era, a spring link for their sleeve link buttons. That should tell you plenty about this great company, it emerged in 1865 and closed in 2015. Longevity is a sign of enduring quality. Larter and Sons was founded under the name “Larter, Elcox & Co.” by Frederick Larter. In 1905 he bought out his associated and renamed the company “Larter & Sons”. Larter didn’t own the company singularly for long, he sold a majority interest to George Schuetz, Sr, who then oversaw the operation of the jewelry business. Larter and Sons remained in the Schuetz family until its closing, the last owner was Stephen Schuetz. Larter and Sons is a prestigious brand and manufacturer that is hunted down in vintage jewelry stores, vintage Etsy shops, and among those who prefer events from a past era. Their focus in the late 19th and early 20th century was gentlemen’s jewelry before moving into other areas of adornments. These dynamic and beautiful pieces belong in the box of any true lover of vintage style and are rightfully hunted like truffles on the web. The Missing Link is a vintage museum of cufflinks and shirt studs. From our website to our Etsy store, one doesn’t need to scavage the internet any longer. Here are some examples of the Larter and Sons brand we house: 14K White Gold and Diamond Cufflinks by Larter and Sons

14K White Gold and Diamond Cufflinks

Heralding from the 1960s we have a prime example of why Larter and Sons lasted more than a century. These 14K gold cufflinks are exquisitely designed, the diamond centerpiece bursting from the core of a star.  With a strong opulence set in the middle, a calmer white gold stretches from the center and pulls one’s eyes to entertaining the cufflinks beautiful totality.

Art Deco Larter and Sons mother of pearl, platinum inlay rim 4 stud set with matching double sided chain link cuff links in original box circa 1920-30's

Art Deco Mother of Pearl with Platinum Inlay

From the swinging period of Art Deco and in its original Larter and Sons box an entire set springs to life. These cufflinks with matching shirt studs are designed with Mother of Pearl, held by platinum inlay rims, and filled with gold. The octagonal shape that encompasses the mother of pearl is a testament to Larter and Son’s reverence for beauty. This rare cufflink and shirt stud is even more of a find due it having a 4th stud. Another example of the Missing Link being a treasure trove of antique delights.

Art Deco Larter and Sons abalone platinum inlay rim tuxedo stud set with matching double sided chain link cuff links and vest studs in original box circa 1920-30's

Abalone Platinum Inlay Rim Complete Tuxedo Stud Set

For the man who isn’t afraid of a little light color in his suit, The Missing Link carries this vintage tuxedo set. These abalone pieces come in the original box with matching double sided chain-link cufflinks and vest studs. If intricate designs that rival sculpture isn’t an everyday accessory for you, cufflinks link this still appeal to style without a dramatic flair. A perfect example of simple and clean elegance.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, rare vintage is our craft. We house prestigious companies that have lasted for over one hundred years. We collect the cufflinks and tuxedo sets that have danced across wrists for generations. The Missing Link is an antique museum and we’re proud to carry the 149-year-old Larter and Sons. Welcome to the Missing Link, unearthed.
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