Lawrence VRBA, King of Costume Jewelry

We are fortunate to be alive at the same time as great artists and interact with fresh designs still delivered by those such as Lawrence Vrba. Lawrence is an eclectic designer whose appreciation for costume jewelry, vintage styles, and understanding of color that is apparent in what he produces. Vrba is even more impressive because his cufflinks and other jewelry are handmade, which means each Lawrence Vrba piece is automatically rare. Lawrence became of note in the 1960s and 1970s as one of the top designers for  Miriam Haskell. Within this company, he began as an assistant director who primarily collected and prepared crystals for jewelry. After sufficiently honing his craft and advancing his skills, eventually leading the style of the company, he set out to design his own jewelry. Now unencumbered by an identity brand, Lawrence’s reverence for vintage Chanel, Art Deco, and older periods of fashion could shine through his own pieces. While Lawrence is honored as a brilliant designer of costume jewelry, it must be noted that he creates his pieces from materials considered “less glamorous”. His bold designs without the upper echelon of gems is a testament to his creativity, even courting Broadway, the Metropolitan Opera, and custom-made pieces for celebrities. Lawrence Vrba may be a contemporary designer but he is counted among vintage designers and the reason for that is he incorporates vintage materials into his new pieces. His pieces are somewhat like the ship of Theseus paradox, which even furthers the fascination around Vrba jewelry. These are all reasons why The Missing Link includes Lawrence Vrba in our cufflinks collection. Not only is he included, but we have rare pieces signed by the artist himself! Rare One of a Kind Signed Lawrence VRBA Cufflink

Signed Lawrence VRBA cufflinks

You’d think a piece that includes cabochons, rhinestones, and faux-pearls would be something that looks gaudy and cheap, but that is the brilliance of Lawrence Vrba. These signed cufflinks are elegance personified, a true vintage jewel.

Amber Rare One of a Kind Signed Lawrence VRBA Cufflink

Amber Lawrence VRBA cufflinks

A perfect autumn piece for any lover of Lawrence’s costume genius. A bombastic and simple pair of cufflinks that includes an amber stone atop gold-based metal. As with our other Vrba selections, it is signed and as much of his pieces, very rare.

Yellow Rare One of a Kind Signed Lawrence VRBA Cufflinks

Yellow Flower Lawrence VRBA cufflinks

It seems to me that you can’t be in a bad mood with such beauties adorning your cuffs. These pair of cufflinks are one of a kind and signed by Lawrence Vrba, a proper addition to any spring wear and collector.

 A vintage artist in the contemporary world and a high-class jeweler using simple materials. Lawrence Vrba is the eclectic king of costume jewelry and we’re proud to carry so many of his rare items. Be sure to explore our Etsy shop and pick up one of these handmade pieces, it may be the only one in the world! Welcome to the Missing Link, unearthed.