Mother of Pearl, an Ancient Gem

There are elements or materials you find often in jewelry such as enamel, gold, silver, and platinum. One material has been popular for thousands of years and it can be found on many beautiful adornments, Mother of Pearl. This organic-inorganic material is also known as Nacre, a composite material created by some mollusks as their inner shell layer. This iridescent beauty makes up the outer coating of pearls and can be found as a decorative item on many pieces due to its strength and resilience. The shimmer has dazzled cultures across the globe and carries its own mythical uses. The luster the shell lining of mollusks possesses led to it being included in decorative jewelry as well as sacred items in the ancient world.  Nacre has been found in relics of the Shang Dynasty in China, pyramids in Egypt, even in King Tut’s tomb! Pearls and Mother of Pearl are both exquisite items in jewelry, the way they are formed is partly the reason they are used in different ways. For example, in cufflinks as in other jewelry, you’ll see a pearl in its typical shape: spherical. Nacre, due to it being formed in a shell shape and more readily available can be found in a number of beautiful patterns or linings. Also, since pearls are usually left in shape when used in cufflinks or other jewelry they tend to remain standard across the board. Mother of Pearl, on the other hand, can be opaque to translucent and their colors depending on what kind of animal produced them. The Missing Link carries many Mother of Pearl cufflinks from bygone eras. As farming Nacre is sometimes looked down on for its unsustainability, we may see a day where only vintage cufflinks and jewelry possess this natural beauty. Art Deco B Altman Co Mother of Pearl Center Pearl Platinum Inlay Rim Tuxedo Stud Set with Cufflinks & Vest Studs in Original Box Circa 1930's Complete dress set

Art Deco Mother of Pearl and Platinum Cufflink and Stud set

These Art Deco cufflinks with vest studs come from the 1930s and a true treasure. The Mother of Pearl is framed by a platinum inlay rim and would be a centerpiece of any vintage cufflink collector.

14K Gold Platinum Diamond and Onyx Cufflinks with Shirt Studs  

Mother of Pearl and Diamond Cufflinks with Shirt Stud set

Here is a real combination! Diamonds and Mother of Pearl cufflinks with matching shirt studs! This set has really stood the test of time, traveling to our store all the way from the 1920s. The diamond center is emulated by the Mother of Pearl ocean that encases it, a treasure for any tuxedo.

  Platinum and Pearl Krementz Cufflinks and Stud Set

Krementz Mother of Pearl Cufflinks and Shirt Stud set

Krementz never disappoints! As often as possible we include a 4th shirt stud to accommodate modern dress shirts and this set suits that goal. These cufflinks and shirt studs are an elegant and simple Mother of Pearl with Platinum inlay rims, a subtle gesture of class.

Just because something is rare does not mean that related materials are any less glamorous. Mother of Pearl is a versatile treasure that enchants the eyes. It truly is the Northern Lights of jewelry and cufflinks. Welcome to the Missing Link, unearthed.
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