Novelty: Cufflinks for Fun on Halloween

Some people treat fashion as if it is some sacred way to anoint the holy garb one dawns rather than an exciting means of self-expression. Abandoning novelty items in favor of trends, no matter the aesthetic sense of what they’re sold. If we have fun with our homes, our friends, and holiday decorations, why exclude fun in our wardrobe or the often-ignored cufflinks or shirt studs? Novelty attire can flaunt the more comical or idiosyncratic aspects of your personality, furthering the individuation of your personal style. It isn’t always a handsome pair of cufflinks or a sharp suit that catches the eye, but the shout of one’s fun attire even if subtlety. People usually leave novelty to their ties or suit jackets, thinking it’s the most visible. They make the mistake of neglecting the artistry of cufflinks and shirt studs in the fun that can be had. These are treasures appreciated by the observant, suave aesthetes, and style aficionados; which we proudly cater to. Cufflinks and shirt studs aren’t just pretty items appreciated as decoration, but can also be intricate mechanisms engaged by senses beyond sight. These kinds of cufflinks are known as “doers” and The Missing Link has a plethora of them.  Hourglasses that keep time, roulette wheels that spin, handcuffs for the coppers, guns for the cowboy, and all kinds of novelty cufflinks to suit any fun outing. Personalities, like wardrobes, are diverse and with the spooky season of Halloween upon us, the Missing Link provides the means to indulge in all the flare of originality. Don’t feel like putting on another Venetian mask at the black and white Halloween ball? Use some novelty cufflinks to add a bit of spooky humor to that suit. Not all Halloween parties are razzle-dazzle costume play, some are often three-piece suit affairs with tasteful additions to reflect the ghoulish time of year. The Missing Link has begun adding to its website many examples of our collection:

Novelty Handcuff Cufflinks

These cufflinks would be a great addition to a suit worn by those who patrol our streets. Even if not an officer of the law by profession, one could even spice up a cop’s formal dress suit for Halloween!

New Novelty Cufflinks Tray5

Novelty Cufflink Selections

You can see in this tray that our collection runs the gamut of interests. Hitting the casino or dressing as a mobster? Try our dice cufflinks! Are you Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent tonight? Hint at your secret with the Batman or Superman cufflinks!

At the Missing Link, we have such a selection for any affair or personality! We hope you’ll peruse the many examples of our novelty cufflinks at our website or stop in while around the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. We endeavor to show the versatility of these beautiful pieces no matter the occasion; from ghoulishness to Father’s Day… Welcome to the missing link, unearthed.