Peter Keil Expressionism Painting 1963

Peter Keil Expressionism Painting 1963

by Peter Robert Keil from his Palma Studio

Personal Collection from the Artist Peter Keil

  • Creator: Peter Keil (w/Certificate of Authenticity)
  • Title: Portrait
  • Place of Origin: Palma, Majorca
  • Period: Circa 1963
  • Material: Gilded Frame, Oil on Masonite
  • Style: Abstract Portrait
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Frame Dimensions: 26″H x 22”W x 1”D
  • 66.04cm H x 55.88cm W x 2.54 cm D
  • Visible Image Dimensions: 18″W x 14″W

    45.72cm H x 35.56cm W

Keil’s energetic artworks are primarily oil-based paint on canvas, board, cardboard, ceramic and any other medium that will transport his vibrant primary colors and keen social commentary. Admittedly, Kiel’s inspiration is based on his view of man as an essentially social being. Not restricted by convention or bound by narrow-minded moralistic self-righteousness, the impassioned painter is free to portray the reality of our often not-too-subtle interactions with other people in bars, on the streets, in flea markets, at work and at play in public places in both Europe and America. While his gritty work does not serve to illustrate any illusions of candy-colored reality or empty vain beauty, Keil primarily centers his compositions on the human forms -faces, heads, figures and torso cutting to the heart of human emotion. With a keen eye to the super-reality behind the facade, Keil is fascinated by the stories of people on the fringes of society, those who have been pushed too far — the down and out, thieves, drug addicts, pimps artists and whores–those characters who chose an existence on the other side of society.


20th Century

Place of Origin





Peter Keil


Beige, Black




Oil, Wood


Good, Used


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