Peter Keil Expressionist ‘Sun Moon Earth’ Palma Discover 1972

Delve into the captivating essence of Peter Keil’s ‘Sun Moon Earth’ Palma 1972, a masterpiece in abstract expressionism. This prominent 48″ x 66″ artwork captures a fusion of intense emotion and rich historical depth. Each brushstroke tells a story, weaving a tapestry of vibrant hues and bold textures that command attention. Perfect for discerning art enthusiasts and collectors, this piece not only adorns a space but also becomes a conversation centerpiece, reflecting the profound artistic spirit of its era.”



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“Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing depths of Peter Keil’s ‘Sun Moon Earth’ Palma 1972, an exceptional showcase of abstract expressionism. Measuring an impressive 48″ x 66″, this painting is not just an artwork, but a portal to the emotions and the era it represents. Keil, known for his bold and vivid style, employs a symphony of colors and textures to bring his visions to life. Each brushstroke carries the weight of a story, a whisper of the artist’s journey, making it a profound statement piece for any collector.

The ‘Sun Moon Earth’ Palma 1972 stands out with its rich tapestry of hues, each seamlessly blending yet distinctly standing out to capture the essence of movement and emotion. This painting does more than fill a space; it transforms it. It invites viewers to step into a world where color and form break free from the confines of the canvas, offering a glimpse into the creative genius of Peter Keil.

Adding this piece to your collection means owning a fragment of history, an emblem of artistic bravery, and a continuous source of inspiration. It’s not just a painting; it’s an experience, a journey through the mind of one of the most passionate expressionists of our time. Let ‘Sun Moon Earth’ Palma 1972 be the centerpiece that speaks volumes in your space, a testament to the enduring power of art to move and to mesmerize.”

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Peter Keil

Place of Origin





Beige, Black, Blue, Orange, Yellow


Acrylic, Board




Good, Used




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