Peter Keil Newsprint Oil Painting 1972

Peter Keil’s 1972 untitled Abstract Expressionist oil painting on newsprint, from his Palma studio, is a bold and innovative masterwork that exudes raw energy through his gestural brushstrokes and unconventional materials, showcasing his mastery of the movement.


Masterwork from Peter Keil’s Palma Studio: “Untitled” Abstract Expressionist Oil on Newsprint (1972)
Hailing from the personal collection of the celebrated artist Peter Robert Keil, this exceptional 1972 work showcases his mastery of Abstract Expressionism. Executed with bold, gestural strokes of oil paint on an unconventional newsprint surface, the piece exudes raw energy and emotional intensity. Keil’s innovative use of materials and his daring departure from traditional canvas elevate this artwork to a realm of pure artistic expression.

Housed within an impressive 35″ x 26″ frame, the visible image dimensions measure an imposing 26″ x 19″, allowing the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the depth and complexity of Keil’s abstract vision. The work’s remarkable condition serves as a testament to the artist’s skill and the enduring power of his creations.

This untitled masterpiece from Keil’s esteemed Palma studio is a rare and coveted addition to any prestigious collection, capturing the essence of the Abstract Expressionist movement and the artist’s unwavering pursuit of artistic innovation.
Concise Summary: Keil’s 1972 Abstract Expressionist oil on newsprint masterwork from his Palma studio exudes raw energy through bold strokes, while his innovative use of materials elevates this large-scale piece to a realm of pure artistic expression.






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