Peter Kiel Painting Abstract Composition 1975

Peter Kiel’s explosive 1975 abstract composition is a masterful Expressionist work featuring bold, gestural brushstrokes of vivid colors that exude raw energy on a richly textured acrylic surface. This large-scale piece commands attention with its 18″ x 32″ impressive frame, representing the pinnacle of Kiel’s artistic prowess and the enduring power of abstract expressionism.



Here is a detailed description for Peter Kiel’s Abstract Composition Painting from 1975:
Explosive Expressionist Masterpiece: Peter Kiel’s 1975 Abstract Composition
Created in 1975 at the peak of Peter Kiel’s artistic prowess, this remarkable abstract composition showcases the master’s exceptional talent and his unwavering commitment to the Expressionist movement. Hailing from the vibrant artistic hub of Palma, this piece exudes a raw, visceral energy that is quintessential to Kiel’s signature style.

Executed with a bold and fearless approach, the artwork features a dynamic interplay of colors that burst forth from the canvas. Vibrant hues of beige, black, blue, and red intermingle in a cacophony of gestural brushstrokes, each mark a testament to the artist’s passionate expression. Kiel’s masterful use of acrylic on board results in a richly textured surface, inviting the viewer to explore the intricate layers and depths of this abstract masterwork.
Housed within an impressive 18″ x 32″ frame, this large-scale piece commands attention and presence in any space it occupies. The artwork’s substantial size allows the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the powerful composition, unraveling the complex narratives and emotions embedded within each stroke.

Despite its age, the painting remains in excellent condition, a true testament to Kiel’s superior craftsmanship and the enduring nature of his creations. This extraordinary abstract composition from 1975 is a rare and coveted addition to any esteemed collection, representing the pinnacle of Expressionist art and the boundless creative vision of one of its most celebrated practitioners.
Summary: Peter Kiel’s explosive 1975 abstract composition showcases his Expressionist mastery through bold, gestural brushwork in vivid colors, with the large-scale acrylic on board piece exuding raw energy within an impressive frame.


Peter Keil


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