Rose Gold: a Hue Forever in Bloom.

Rose Gold Filled Tuxedo 4 Abalone Cufflinks and Matching Shirt Stud Set with Screw Backs in Box , Wedding Gifts, Groomsmen's Gifts
The soft iridescence of rose gold often captures the gaze of many vintage cufflink lovers and one may wonder how the quality is affected. In the blog post regarding gold plated versus gold filled, it was shown that the way in which a material is employed does indeed affect the strength and value of your vintage piece. With that being the case, let’s explore another popular type of gold and see how it translates to your cufflinks and shirt studs.   Rose gold is pure gold mixed with a copper alloy that began its reign of beauty in 19th century Russian, which is why it was once known as Russian Gold. This hue of gold is within a family of other colors such as pink or red. The difference between these is the amount of gold versus copper, the more copper the redder the gold. There is no such thing as pure rose gold and if you come across a piece that claims 24K, then it is likely a fake. In the United States, due to the copper alloy mixture, real rose gold will often be 14K and in Europe 18K.   The popularity of rose gold has ebbed and flowed since it’s appearance in the Russian Empire and enjoyed prestige briefly in the Victorian Era as well as in the 1920s. The beautiful rose hue was replaced by platinum once the Art Deco movement took hold of the world but returned to its rightful place during World War 2; platinum was repurposed for military use. With rose gold again on the wrists of tuxedos and in the general public’s eye, the popularity has remained steady.   The Missing Link has sought out tuxedo sets and cufflinks for the vintage aesthete and lover of the softer hues: Onyx Rose Gold Tuxedo 5 Stud Set with Screw Backs and Matching Cufflinks in Box  

Rose Gold Filled Tuxedo Set

Double the quality for your formal night out! Not only does this onyx cufflink and shirt stud set suit a tuxedo, but the black is tempered by the soft rose gold that fills these pieces with strength. Consider this set for the iron fist with a velvet glove, the soft and stern gentleman.

Rose Gold Filled Tuxedo 4 Abalone Cufflinks and Matching Shirt Stud Set with Screw Backs in Box , Wedding Gifts, Groomsmen's Gifts

Rose Gold Filled Abalone Tuxedo Set

All eyes will gaze on you due to another iridescent material employed in this tuxedo set. The strength of this set being abalone as well as gold filled will have these vintage cufflinks and studs in your collection for generations.

  One mustn’t just consider the gems and jewels or gold versus silver when shopping for adornments. Each precious metal or stone has a variety of its own kind and should be explored in your formal wear. What color of gold goes with this color diamond? Should I choose enamel or ruby? An individual’s  style is a visual statement and if one is a vintage aficionado, then the ages can speak through your suit. Welcome to the Missing Link, unearthed.