Shirt Studs: a Small Vintage Detail for a Big Difference

It’s the little things in life that matter, right? When people are dressing up in high priced labels or fine fabrics to make a statement in their self-presentation, the shirt stud detail is often overlooked. It is true that when renting a tuxedo or suit one has the option of taking cufflinks and shirt studs with it, but what of the vintage aficionado? Their tastes run in the past and when it comes to the astute aesthete, these features make all the difference. As with most things in fashion, details are less about utility and more about pulling a look together. This is all the more important with vintage style in the modern world, authenticity is your calling card. The frequently neglected shirt stud is an ornamental button that is placed on a shirt in lieu of buttons. As written in this piece, how shirt studs are worn has changed with the ebb and flow of fashion. Certain parts of a suit like a pleated shirt or stiff-front shirt are specifically made with stud sets in mind, but any tuxedo or formalwear can be adapted to them; they are considered standard to this day. With many tuxedos these days it’s a simple black and silver or platinum rim, but having your own set to help solidify your tastes is an essential feature of the well-dressed man. Here at the Missing Link, we have quite the selection of vintage stud sets, vest studs, and cufflinks to match.   Vintage tuxedo 4 ble enameled shirt studs set

Blue Enamel Shirt Studs

The blue enamel houses golden rays that are sure to shower the eyes of an onlooker. A spectacular set of studs for the vintage lover and while the stud set was formed in the 1970s there seems to be an Art Deco inspiration at work.

Art Deco Krementz mother of pearl platinum inlay rim tuxedo stud set with matching double sided chain link cuff links and vest studs in original box circa 1920-30's. Rare to have 4 shirt studs as most stud sets from this era typically only have 3 studs. Complete dress set

Krementz Mother of Pearl Stud Set

If you’re going to go vintage then you must have Krementz among your collection. This tuxedo stud set includes vest studs to finish off your 1930s look. All pieces are made of Mother of Pearl with a platinum inlay rim and are gold filled, a statement of detailed sophistication.

Art Deco Larter onyx tuxedo 4 stud set with matching double sided chain link cuff links in original box circa 1930-40's. Rare to have 4 shirt studs as most stud sets from this era typically only have 3 studs

Larter and Sons Onyx Stud Set

For the vintage man of stern simplicity, we have this Larter and Sons tuxedo set. The platinum inlay rims circle the black onyx, void of ostentatious pretention.  A fourth shirt stud is included in this set, which is perfect for the modern vintage man as in the 1930s only three studs were needed.

These seemingly minor adornments can be elaborate pieces of art, trailing down the center of your shirt and earning you the awe of other vintage aficionados or event attendees. Don’t settle for what comes with a rental or the basic black usually on hand, take the opportunity to state your style and live the aesthetic era you’re called to. Welcome to the Missing Link, unearthed.
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