Peter Keil “Blue Lady” Acrylic Painting

by Peter Robert Keil from his Paris Studio

Creator: Peter Keil (w/Certificate of Authenticity)

Personal Collection from the Artist Peter Keil

Title: “Blue Lady”

Place of Origin: Paris, France

Date of Manufacture: 1972

Material: Resin, Wood, Glass, Acrylic on Paper

Style: Abstract Face

Condition: Excellent

Frame Dimensions: 34″H x 25.50″W x 1″D
86.36 cm H x 64.77 cm W x 2.54 cmD
Visible Image Dimensions: 23″H x 16.25″W
58.42 cm H x 40.64 cm W

Peter Keil
Peter Keil “Blue Lady” Acrylic Painting