Sterling Silver, an Illustrious Versatility

John Hardy Sterling Silver Horsehead Cufflinks comes with box.. Circa 2000's
Sterling Silver, used frequently in utensils, decorative art, cufflinks, and jewelry, is an alloy so valuable and versatile that it was once traded as currency. The British Pound derives its name from the weight of sterling silver that was once used to form the coin. This lustrous metal is so versatile that it has been used in surgical equipment, even dating as far back as the Hellenistic Eras of Egypt and Rome, to instruments like the flute or saxophone in modern day.What is this material that is so prolific in human history? Sterling Silver is 92.5% by weight silver and 7.5% of other metals, usually copper. The reason it is mixed with other metals is that silver, like gold, is quite soft and scratches easily.  Although it blends with less glamorous metals to strengthen it, this doesn’t tarnish its beauty. It is the world’s most popular silver alloy and one of the most reflective of the precious metals.The luster and lineage of this bright white metal is so exceptional that it is no wonder why its glamor is often replicated. With that in mind, be sure to verify if it is actually sterling silver. Different countries have their own methods of indicating its authenticity, but here in the United States, it is shown as “.925”, or “925/1000” or “sterling”. It should be noted that some companies, like Tiffany, have coined their own symbol to notate the purity of jewelry.The Missing Link’s store in downtown Manhattan has a wide variety of vintage sterling silver cufflinks. Here are some examples from our online shop:Sterling silver owls french cufflinks with garnet eyes, comes with box.. Circa 2000's

Owl French Cufflinks

French cuffs carry a sophisticated air to them and are always pinned with a fine pair of cufflinks. Why not marry wisdom and sophistication with a subtle adornment. These sterling silver owl cufflinks are sure to catch a glance from anyone you’re speaking with and their garnet eyes hold their gaze.

Vintage Sterling Silver Bean Tuxedo Shirt Stud Set with Matching Cufflinks in Original Box.. Circa 2000's

Vintage Bean Tuxedo Set

The famous Chicago Bean has been shrunken down to these sterling silver cufflinks and stud set, where novelty meets Windy City pride. They’ll be sure to draw as much attention as the real sculpture itself.

John Hardy Sterling Silver Horsehead Cufflinks comes with box.. Circa 2000's

John Hardy Horsehead Cufflinks

These John Hardy cufflinks are perfect for the well-dressed equestrian. As mentioned in an earlier piece, Hardy blends the simplicity of modern design with the traditional style of Bali. He, like Georg Jensen, is a master silversmith and these cufflinks carry that tradition.

While sterling silver is often embellished with designs or jewels in cufflinks, jewelry artists prove time and time again that stands alone as an exquisite material and is beautiful in its own right. One may wonder why it represents second place when it is often the first thing noticed adorning a wrist.Welcome to the Missing Link, unearthed.