Wedgwood: Modern Innovation with Ancient Art

14K Gold Wedgwood Cufflinks
Wedgwood is a legendary brand. The name carries a 250-year history that travels the centuries. Founded by an innovator who helped instigate the Industrial Revolution, a company that reintroduced ancient styles in modern aesthetics and fashion. Wedgwood is opulence for any century and in any style. From being art on end tables to art on tuxedos, the pieces that carry this name are always the exemplars of innovation. Josiah Wedgwood founded his company in 1759 originally as a pottery business. He developed a new method to create earthenware that so impressed royalty that it was given the title of “Queen’s Ware”. Along with the name granted, an equivalent of celebrity backing, he formulated new types of pottery such as Jasperware. What is interesting to note is that due to the expansion of the British Empire and the rediscovery of ancient art, Josiah blended these motifs into his pieces. His modern innovations combined with ancient styles became the hallmark of Wedgwood. Josiah could be referred to as the “Father of Modern Marketing”. For example, he launched direct mailing, buy one get one free, illustrated catalogs, and a host of other marketing schemes that we are all familiar with today. His business acumen was so astute that he noticed the excitement around the rediscovery of ancient cultures and was inspired to recreate these bygone eras. With that in mind, many of the products that came from the company seemed to house authentic reliefs from the ancient world or were out and out replicas. The items Wedgwood created were such grand achievements that it led to a museum being founded in May 1906. The Wedgwood Museum is still open to the public and still a testament to these magnificent creations. While Wedgwood’s claim to fame is the innovative pottery, the brand also implemented their ancient motifs and new techniques in jewelry. The company’s cufflinks are desperately sought after by vintage collectors due to their rarity and the seeming use of bas-reliefs. The Missing Link has cultivated such a collection to cater to the vintage lover and we’re proud to have Wedgwood among our cufflink selection. 14K Gold Wedgwood Cufflinks

14K Wedgwood Cufflinks

This pair of cufflinks come from the 1960s and show a seeming relief from Ancient Greece. The pale green background that pushes the image forward is reminiscent of the Jasperware that made Wedgwood’s name.

Vintage Wedgwood Basalt Black Jasperware Cameo Sterling Silver Cufflinks with Box

Sterling Silver Basalt Black Wedgwood Cufflinks

This is a real treasure! For those who have an eye for mythology, The Missing Link carries these Basalt Black Jasperware cufflinks. Sterling Silver and ancient art combine to bring an air of sophistication to whoever wears these pieces of art.

There are so few testaments to human ingenuity that withstand the test of time.  Names like Wedgwood are important demonstrations of what people are capable of, significant historical moments represented by vases and cufflinks. Within the Missing Link’s website, you’ll find many such testaments to historical value and aesthetic prestige. Welcome to the Missing Link, unearthed.