What are Gold Filled Cufflinks and Why Does it Matter?

You’ve probably noticed the variations in cufflinks metals, sterling silver, gold, gold filled, rose gold, etc. When shopping for the perfect tuxedo set or vintage wear for your formal occasion or suit, the more you know about quality the better. When it comes to gold you’ll notice many subcategories including the karat and whether it’s plated or filled or colored. A karat tells you how pure the gold is, but pure gold isn’t the best idea for cufflinks or jewelry. Gold is a very soft metal which is why it is mixed with other metals like copper or zinc. The higher the karat the purer the gold is. When it comes to gold purity, different descriptions of a cufflink set or shirt studs counts for a lot. You’ll see jewelry that is gold plated, gold, or gold filled and the difference between gold plated and gold filled is an important one. When cufflinks or studs are gold plated it simply means that the base metal is covered with an almost microscopic layer of gold. This type of coating is also known as gold-overlay. If a higher karat is significant to you then gold filled cufflinks are a better option. Gold filled means they have a much thicker layer of gold and of a higher quality. It is considered to be just a step down from solid gold as it pertains to value. Remember that pure gold or 24K is quite soft and if you’re concerned with the longevity of a piece, gold filled is very strong. Another benefit to a set of cufflinks being gold filled is you do not need to worry about it tarnishing or having an allergy to a particular kind of metal. The last two benefits don’t apply to Gold plated jewelry though. Here at the Missing Link, we have a variety of gold filled cufflinks and shirt studs: Krementz Gold Filled Mother of Pearl with Tuxedo Stud Set and Double Sided Cufflinks and Vest Studs in Original Box. C1930's

Krementz Gold Filled Cufflink & Tuxedo Set

Krementz has always known quality and how to employ the Art Deco style. In the original 1930s box, this set even includes vest studs that are all made stronger by being gold filled! Good to know the exquisite mother of pearl is embraced safely.

Vintage tuxedo 5 rose gold and onyx shirt stud set with screw backs

Rose Gold Filled Stud Set

Rose Gold is always a beautiful addition to soften a suit or tuxedo, especially when you know its strength is bolstered. This 5-piece shirt stud set would be a wonderful adornment on any vintage aesthete.

Art Deco Larter Gold Filled with Platinum Inlay Rims Abalone 4 Stud Set with Matching Cufflinks in Original Box Circa 1930's

Larter Gold Filled Cufflink & Stud Set

One of the vanguards of vintage cufflinks! Larter and Sons knew how to ensure their legacy and did so by having cufflinks and stud sets like these. This testament to Larter and Sons is also displaying platinum inlay rims with the always lustrous abalone. A true treasure for the vintage aficionado.

  It’s important to consider the welfare of the antiques you adorn and for what occasion. Cufflinks and shirt studs that contain purer gold may age or bend more easily than ones that are gold filled or plated. Accessorizing your outfit with vintage cufflinks should prompt the same questions as when you’re shopping for them and I hope I’ve equipped you a little more for that process. Welcome to the Missing Link, unearthed.
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